And so it fell;

the photograph taken
light-years ago, and was folded
and hidden between the pages
of Great Expectations, fell from
the book when it was re-opened.

The poet’s eyes glistened, sparkled,
in a peculiar way—a sullen mix of
oddity and nostalgia. What he thought was
a memory buried in oblivion’s graveyard,
came back, exhumed, and it was
haunting him beyond any poet’s metaphors
could ever describe.

It struck him, like a rust-eaten
knife, twisted twelve times while
it was impaled in his chest. The vivid
crimson blood rushed down his then pale-painted

The poet tried his best to continue
reading the half-finished book and
forget his half-finished love affair

Yet inevitably, the poet did fall too.

Fallen Photograph | (j.d.a)


eat whatever you want and if anyone tries to lecture you about your weight, eat them too.

If he can’t fight for you, he’s not right for you.
She started to talk less and to act like she doesn’t care. She started to ignore the things that were supposed to hurt her feelings. She started to walk away and distant herself from people unlike before. She started to act like she doesn’t need help from anyone—that she’s strong and she can do everything by herself. She started to reject most of everyone’s advices and pretend that she did not hear anything from anyone. She started to forgot how does it feels like to care for someone. She started not to join her friends and isolate herself from others. She started to become cold and remove all of the emotions in her words. She started to look at anyone with her passionless eyes. She started to cut her wrist every night because she wants to feel the pain—to feel that she’s still existing. She started to act like she changed, when in fact her heart was still the same.
the scariest things a girl could ever do (via simplengdalagaa)
Break me. If that will make you whole. It’ll be my pleasure.
Roses For Rei (via rosesforrei)


when my internet doesn’t work, i don’t work

All of a sudden I feel like
crying and I can’t explain
why my heart feels so heavy.
m.l.b, I don’t know (via traced-veins)


*puts my ipod on shuffle and skips every song until i get one i was hoping for*


they should teach how to take a good selfie in school


I feel so stupid to listen to the songs we used to listen, because it brings back our memories that should be forgotten.


nah mom I went to bed 4 hours ago I just woke up to go to the bathroom

don’t worry love, I hate myself more than you ever could.
10:38pm (via serenityandparadise)


do you ever want to just yell in someones face to date you

The scariest thing about distance is that you don’t know whether they’ll miss you or forget you.
Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook (via dakilangboyyfriend)
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